Mobile apps to manage your business & wow your clients.


App for your business

The Zoconut app is the one-in-all platform to manage your nutrition business from anywhere and helps you conduct nutrition coaching, manage unlimited clients, and grow your nutrition business.


App for your clients

The eDiet app is the pocket assistant for your nutrition practice and keeps your clients engaged, motivated, and accountable to your nutrition advice, and helps you track their progress on the fly.

eDiet App

The eDiet app for Android & iOS acts as a pocket companion for your clients to stay engaged with their dedicated nutrition professional, keeps them accountable to their recommended nutrition advice, and helps keep track of their progress.

  • One dedicated app to personalize every individual client experience that eliminates the extra hassle of using multiple different platforms like Whatsapp, Excel sheets, etc. to manage multiple clients.
  • Onboard new clients, deliver diet plans, share personal guidelines, track diet compliance and health progress, and keep them engaged at all times with live chat, automatic follow-ups, and reminders, all through the app.
  • Ensure HIPAA & PCI compliance, safeguard confidential client information with cloud-based data storage, track every payment and manage one-to-one appointments & conduct telehealth with ease.
Zoconut App

The Zoconut app for Android & iOS equips nutrition professionals with contemporary nutrition coaching tools, a secure EHR system, and a comprehensive suite of online business management solutions that help scale your nutrition business easily.

  • Set up your online clinic, manage appointments, onboard unlimited clients, conduct telehealth sessions, and deliver an outstanding experience to every single client.
  • Manage your leads, track your finances, grow your business with online marketing & promotions, and scale your practice into a bigger team easily.
  • Create unlimited diet templates, manage end-to-end meal planning for clients, and assist clients to stay accountable and compliant to your advice without any hassle.
Your Brand, powered by Zoconut

Offering a branded experience to your clients can inspire sustainable business growth through referrals and word of mouth.

And to support your long-term business growth, we offer our optional white-labeling service, which includes custom rebranding of the e-diet app, so you can deliver a personalized experience to your clients and enrich the brand image of your nutrition business.

  • With white-labeling, your business will have a dedicated app of its own that your clients can use.
  • You will get the full functionality of the eDiet app with your own logo, colors, and nomenclature.
  • And the white-labeled app will still work seamlessly with the Zoconut software and mobile app, and receive all future updates.
Check out FAQs for White-labeling

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