Zoconut Software Features

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You can accept payments from all over the world via our supported payment gateways. You can also offer EMI options and other offers to your clients. Easy invoicing helps you stay compliant. You can also freeze a client's membership or refund if you have to.

Calendar and Appointments

It is crucial to manage your appointments in between other important tasks efficiently and so Zoconut helps you with just that. Your calendar will easily sync with Google, Microsoft or Apple calendar and help you manage your tasks better. You can set working hours and available slots for appointment booking witll be adjusted accordingly.

Client Profile

Onboard & manage your client profiles with all the details you need so you can serve them at your best. Go paperless with complete security & 24x7 access to files & records, which allows you to get all the necessary information on a client without any hassle.

TeleHealth and Communication

With Zoconut you can manage your entire practice digitally and online. You can communicate with your clients via live chat, video calling, phone calls and emails etc. Every piece of communication is seemlessly managed from within the Zoconut software and app to give you better control of your time.

Plans and Protocols

Ease your clients into a healthy lifestyle without making them feel bland. Delight clients with a plethora of healthy recipes & alternative meals to choose from in their diet plans. Also, you can add workout routines for your clients that can accelerate their treatment process.

Templates and Resources

What's the point in having to do everything from scratch whenever you get a new client. Zoconut allows you to save template of meal plans, workout pans, notes and everything else that you may have to send to your client. Your recipes and blog articles and videos are also your resources that you can conveniently manage with Zoconut.

Plans and Services

There are several ways in which you can position and sell your services. Zoconut supports all kinds and formats of service that you may wanna provide. This includes 1-to-1 or group consultations, live coaching or asynchronous video content or just one-time sessions.

Progress and Motivation

Become your client’s best accountability partner without any effort. Always be present for your clients without having to be present and never let them run out of motivation with options to keep them entertained in their health journey. You can also keep a close eye on their progress to help them improve their treatment.

Leads Management

Promote your business on any and every platform possible. It could be google searches or social media or direct phone calls/whatsapp messages. No matter what source, bring all your leads into a single pipeline to maximise your chances of succes and no one slips through the cracks.

Marketing Tools

Zoconut enable you to market your business in ways that you might not have thought about in the past but you certainly should. These growth hacks include ability to run refer-and-earn programs, bulk notifications, emails and SMS. You can also run custom coupon codes, offers and discounts all manages seemless via Zoconut software.

Reports and Analytics

Leadership is all about making best well-informed decisions for your business or life. Zoconut helps you make those decisions by providing insights and reports like you've never seen before. From payments to compliance, from sales to marketing. Different well defined reports that are designed to help you. You can also get custom reports on request.

Legal Compliance

Legal systems can be hard to understand and even harder to navigate. Zoconut makes it simpler for you. Be it tax compliance or having to take consent. You can manage waivers, disclaimers and much more with Zoconut that keeps you covered. The platform is HIPAA, PCI and GDPR compliant that takes care of a whole another vulnerability.

Team Management

Managing a team requires careful planning and cautious execution. Be it a receptionist or an accounts executive or an intern that is still learning the ropes, you can decide who gets access to which module of the software. You can also hide crucial business information from selected teammates if you want.

Excellent Support

We are always going to be there for you when you need us. We offer 18x6 live support over chat and calls. We also create whatsapp groups and assign dedicated account manager to serve as a single point of contact. On top of all that, we also have a content library and forums for you to browse to self-diagnose and solve problems.

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