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Zoconut is the best software for nutritionists and dietitians

Still Using Excel Sheets and Pen-Paper to Manage your Practice?

Get your Entire Business at your Fingertips. 3X your Efficiency by getting to concentrate on what really matters and leaving the heavy-lifting to us.

  • Biz Automation: Automate all Follow-ups, Diet Diary, Reminders, Weight Updates etc without losing the personal touch.
  • Intelligent Meal-Planning: Improve quality of your consultation with our data driven state-of-the-art meal planning engine.
  • Payments: Offer EMI options to your clients and go truly global with support for 100+ currencies.
e-diet: client and mobile app

Still Using WhatsApp and Emails to Communicate with Clients?

Zoconut App will keep your Clients Happy and Engaged. Drastically Improve their Satisfaction and Retention rates. Give them access to something more, something better.

  • 24-Hours Care: Take full care of your clients from the time they wake-up till they go to sleep with the Zoconut App.
  • Reminders: Keep them motivated, engaged and on-track throughout their journey and improve outcomes.
  • Progress/Compliance Tracking: Track their physical activities, progress and compliance with your advice throughout the program.

Our Service
With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Save Time & Do More

Zoconut helps you focus on your growth and clients satisfaction. That’s what really matters. We handle the rest.

Independent Brand Identity

Build your own independent practice, consult globally and build your own brand that people can trust.

Improved Consult Quality

With our intelligent data driven features and the saved time, you can be more thorough and detailed with your consult.

Clients Satisfaction

Generate excellent feedback and reviews. A happy and engaged client is an evangelist for you and your brand.

Loyalty and Referrals

Make it easy for people to spread the word. Create incentives for loyalty and referral benefits to boost organic growth

Truly Global

Your geography is no longer a limit. Reach and consult clients from all over the world and accept payments in 100+ currencies.

Loved by Businesses, and
Individuals across the Globe.

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