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Service Plan

This refers to the different types of Plans that the Dieticians / Health Coaches would like to offer to their clients. These can be a Weight Loss Plan, Muscle Gain Plan, Diabetics Control Plan, etc. These plans can be of any duration ranging from Days to Months and can have multiple currency pricing aswell.


This refers to the different types of one on interactions that the Dieticians / Health Coaches plan to have with their clients. If a client chooses to book a session with their Dieticians / Health Coach, they will be given different options of Sessions to choose from, created by the dietician ( Eg. 15 Minute Video Consultation, 30 Minute Audio Call, 45 Minute In Person Session etc )


Bundles are combinations of Service Plans and Sessions. This feature allows the Dieticians / Health Coaches to group together a particular type of Service plan along with any number and kind of sessions and the software will calculate the price automatically. For Example, you can Bundle together a Fat Loss Plan for 1 Week with 7 x 10 Min Audio Call Sessions

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