The only toolkit you'll ever need to run your nutrition business.

Give your clients an exceptional experience, anywhere at any time. For private practices, nutrition clinics, hospitals, online consulting, wellness centers, and lifestyle coaches.

Your Personal Online Address

Dynamic Multi-page Website

Not just a landing-page, but a full scale beautifully designed, integrated, multi-page website and blog. Your personal online address to impress clients.

Custom Domain

Got a personal domain address for your brand? We support custom domains. Whitelabel the URL with your custom domain address and share with the world.

Sell any Service

Zoconut allows you to sell all kinds of plans and services. Charge for the plans and packages your offer, or even for one-time consults. Accept payments with ease.

Capture Leads

Don't miss out on potential clients. Your website is optimised for lead generation with contact forms and buttons. Leads get synced directly to your Lead Management Module.


Seemless integration with Zoconut Software and Mobile Apps. Manipulate content or access leads and enquiries anytime, anywhere. Already have a website? We offer API integration as well.

Personal Blog

Give your brand a voice by publishing amazing articles and blog posts, recipes, videos and more. Promote your business online and get discovered on google.

Dieter Profiles and Acounts


Categorise your clients/dieters into groups based on their subscription status. Filter the list for Active, Expired, Trial Clients and more. Full visibility into all your clients.

Personal Information

Capture personal information of your clients like their name, contact, age, gender, height, weight etc. Data is captured automatically or you can share a digital form to collect.

Medical History

Capture information about existing medical conditions, allergies, medication and more. Upload or collect lab test results to help you stay on top of your client's health.

Food Preferences

Keep your clients happy by taking care of their preferences. Capture their likes, dislikes, veg/non-veg/others, eat out frequency, smoking/alcohol habits and more.

Custom Fields

What we offer out-of-the-box is not enough? No problem. You can create custom questionnaires and collect info for whatever is important to you.


It is said that whatever gets measured, gets improved. Zoconut allows you to collect and maintain all measurement records from your clients.

Archives and Privacy

Never lose any data of a dieter. Unlimited archives. Your data is hosted on secure servers and strict privacy is maintained. Zoconut doesnt monetize your data.

Appointments & Communication

Easy to use Calendar

User friendly calendar to make sure you never miss a beat. Stay on top of your tasks and appointments for the day. Schedule new tasks and appointments instantly.

Live Chat

Offer live chat support to your clients. Rich media support. Smart data collection and appointment booking from within the chat. Info updated seemless in profiles.

Video Calling

Inbuilt Video calling allows you to interact with your clients face to face without having to actually meet. 2-way calling to make sure no one forgets the appointment.

Emails & Reminders

Automatically notify and remind all the dieters about the appointments scheduled. No more disappointment of no-shows.

IVR Integration

Have a team to manage? Want to use one phone number and route calls between your staff? Want to avoid sharing contacts with your staff? We got you covered.

Schedules & Slots

Define work hours and breaks. Clients will only be able to request an appointment for an available slot as per your schedule. You're in charge of your day.

Collect Payments Like a Pro

All Modes of Payments

Never lose a payment. Receive payments in an instant. Zoconut support all Debit Cards, Credit Cards, UPI, Wallets, NetBanking etc.

100+ currencies

Think Global. Zoconut allows you to accept payments in 100+ currencies but the amount settled in INR, directly in your bank account.

Quick Settlements

All payments get settled in your bank account directly as per the standard settlement TAT offered by the payment gateway.

Offer EMI options

Zoconut allows your clients to convert their payment into EMIs automatically. Now clients can buy the best plan and pay in easy instalments.


Your clients going on a holiday? Asking you to freeze the services? Zoconut lets you manipulate, freeze or extend the plan/package of a dieter easily.

Easy Invoicing

Zoconut lets you generate invoices automatically corresponding to all the payments you receive. Easy reporting and export will keep your accountant happy.

Intelligent and Efficient Meal Planning

Calories and Macro-Nutrients

Manage calories and macronutrients content in your diet plans. Do whats best for clients aligned with their health goal.

Diet Templates

Create or Save Diet Plans as templates based on personal, medical and preference profiles. Get quick access while creating a new plan and save time by 80%.

Copy between Clients

Want to copy something from what you gave that other client the other day? Sure, you can do that with Zoconut.

Share Diet Charts

Share the diet charts directly into the mobile app for dieters. You can also share your charts over WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Printouts instantly.

Chart Design

Beautifully designed layouts, Horizontal and vertical orientations. Branded with your logo or brand. Leave an impression on your clients.

Add Notes

Want to share notes on Do's and Dont's or share cooking instructions or just what's on your mind, you can add notes corresponding to every item, meal or the chart.

Link Recipes

Easily link your own recipes corresponding to the meals you prescribe to your dieters. Take control of what goes into the clients body.

Client Motivation and Progress Tracking

Automatic Follow-ups and Motivation

Get rid of clerical and repitive follow ups to collect information or motivate clients. Zoconut automates that for you leading to improved compliance and results.

Smart Diet Diary

Smart notifications and action buttons in the eDiet app, allows the clients to keep their diet diary up to date.

Smart Weight Updates

Weight update is collected automatically via notifications, chat messages or progress reports in a non-disruptive way to keep clients happy and dietitians updated.

Compliance Reports

What if I tell you you can quantifiably see the level of compliance to your advice/plans by your clients? Well, you can with Zoconut.

Feedback Insights

Feedback is the backbone of any business. Keep a check on how your clients are feeling about your services. Collect feedback and publish testimonials.

Contests and Leaderboard

(coming soon) Let your dieters compete for a prize to get the best results and watch their transformation become a reality. A real time leaderboard to keep them vigilant.

Treasure Your Resources

Diet Templates

Create or Save Diet Plans as templates based on personal, medical and preference profiles. Get quick access while creating a new plan and save time by 80%..


Create and save your recipes. Link them to the meals you prescribe to your dieters. Or offer a cook-book resource separately.

Diet Notes

Save notes on Do's and Dont's or cooking instructions or anything else that you can add corresponding to every item, meal or the chart for your clients

Social Content

Other content that you wish to share with your clients or audience through the mobile app or website.


Clients saying good things about you? Keep them here and it automatically gets updated on your website.

Team Management

Add Team Member

Add or remove team members on the go. Allow them to see what they need to see to do their job.

Access and Permissions

Control what your staff can see and access. Manage roles and responsibilities by creating profiles for Managers, Supervisors, Dietitians, Assistants etc.

Custom Role Dashboards

Create custom roles and dashboards for your team if you can't find a preset option for the same.

Alerts and Notifications

Keep your staff up-to-date with alerts and notifications for new clients allotment, renewals, cancellations, appointments etc

Sync Google Calendar

Two-way sync ensures Zoconut's scheduler checks for conflicts and shows available slots to your clients for a real-time experience.

Marketing Tools

Auto Emails & Newsletter

Nurture your clients and leads by putting yourself in front of them using newsletters and emails for higher brand recall.

Discounts & Promotions

Offer discounts to individuals or create coupon codes for all. Run promotions and offers to incentivise closures.

Bulk SMS

All transactional SMS are automated but you can also schedule and send bulk marketing sms to a filtered list of your clients or all of them.

Bulk Notifications

Use Notifications to communicate and engage the audience you own on the mobile app with actions on notification clicking.

Refer & Earn

Easily manager refer and earn programs to maximise word of mouth. Offer incentive to clients to castalyse word of mouth.

Sales & Analytics

Leads Management

Manage queries, leads and contact requests seemlessly from the Zoconut Software and App. Convert them as dieters when they pay.


Integrated with the mobile apps and software to give you a birds eye view into your potential business.

Task Management

Create or assign tasks to respond and get in touch with the leads. Diligent follow ups improve the chances of conversion drastically.

Lifecycle Management

From a lead query to a paying client to an expired contact. Manage a 360 degree lifecycle of every lead or dieter.


Make informed marketing and business decision based on your sales analytics reports.

Zoconut App for Professionals

Always Stay Connected

Power of Zoconut software in the palm of your hand. Manage your business on-the-go with Zoconut Mobile App.

Never Miss a Beat

Get notifications and alerts and messages directly on the app. No need to sit in front of a PC all the time.

Live Chat and Video Calls

Initiate or receive video calls through the app. 2-way live chat with your clients. Everything in one place.

Work like a Pro

Run your business professionally and grow. Great businesses were never built using whatsapp and excel sheets.

Improve Efficiency

Save Time = Save Money. Gain control of your time and manage everything on the fly making you several times more efficient.

Overcome Anxiety

Keep track of all the activities, dieters, payments etc with ease and overcome anxiety of not knowing what's happening in the business.


If you can use WhatsApp and Facebook, you can definitely fly with this app. Its super easy to use, yet very powerful.

eDiet App for Dieters

Personal App Experience

eDiet works like your personal app giving your clients direct access to your clinic. It is not an aggregator app in any way so feel free to promote it without fear.

Modern Design

Set yourself apart by offering mobile app experience to your clients. Impress them with the modern and functional design of the eDiet App.

Live Chat and Video Calls

Initiate or receive video calls through the app. 2-way live chat with your clients. Everything in one place.

Activity Tracker

Integrated with all health apps and wearable devices, your clients can track all their physical activites. Synced with their profile.


eDiet app keeps your clients motivated with reminders, success stores, notifications and chat messages.

Live Chat & Video Call

Dieters will use this app to communicate instead of Whatsapp, Zoom etc allowing you to keep your personal life personal.

Service Delivery

Deliver diet plans, workout plans, advice and recommendations directly through the app and wow your customers.


Smart share features will allow dieters to share their journey on social media, leading their friends and family to you via word of mouth and referrals.

Brand Recall

Create a higher brand recall and become the first name that comes to mind whenever they think about Diet and Nutrition.

Justify Price

Deliver better experience and value to your clients that will allow you to charge more and justify the prices that you charge.

Active Priority Support


Stay connected with our friendly support team through chat available in web app and mobile app both. Quick and easily query resolution.


Chat is not enough and need immediate attention? We are always happy to jump on a call and help you with your query.

Help Docs and FAQs

Comprehensive library of help documentation and FAQs to keep you up-to-date with all the capabilities of Zoconut and eDiet.

Zoconut Academy

Don't enjoy reading? No worries, access our comprehensive video library to keep up with everything Zoconut.

Setup and Onboarding

Need help in setting up and migrating data onto the Zoconut platform? Reach out to us and we'll hand-hold you through the process.

Big or Small, We ❤️'em All.

Our professional gratification lies in watching our customers grow. No matter where you are in your journey, we'll take that journey with you. We support businesses of all sizes and shapes.No discrimination.

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