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Data Privacy & Security

  • Ensure HIPAA, PCI & GDPR compliance with communication and data privacy using Zoconut
  • Safeguard confidential information at all times
  • Never lose data with 24x7x365 secure cloud-based data storage

Safety Compliance

Zoconut is a HIPAA, PCI & GDPR-compliant platform. We don’t monetize anyone's data so your information is always protected.

We have an extensive security compliance protocol to ensure your data is kept safe and secure against any kind of threat. Follow all regulations set forth by government bodies, insurance companies, and other accredited institutions at all times.

Data Protection

  • Ensure complete protection of patient data including personal information, sensitive medical information, and confidential health records.
  • Safeguard financial information like card details and bank account details for repayment using secure third-party payment integration partners like Stripe, Razorpay, etc.
  • Conduct all communications including telehealth, chat, email and texts securely with end-to-end encryption and privacy.

Data Storage

  • We work with digital infrastructure providers like AWS that provide world-class protection from any threat of data loss.  This helps us to build a seamless experience for you on a variety of devices all working in perfect sync all the time.
  • Cloud-based data storage ensures protection against potential data loss circumstances. You can export your data anytime with the assistance of our support team. If you decide to stop using Zoconut, you can take all the data generated on the platform along with you. We do keep a backup of your data for security reasons for 30 days after your account is inactive or deleted after which it is removed from all our servers as well.
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