Even though no one acknowledges your efforts in the world’s ongoing war against COVID-19.

Like a watchful protector, you have been shielding everyone with the right advice so they don’t have to face the deadly virus. Thank you!

Is it a surprise that people with poor diet & lifestyle habits are more vulnerable to this disease than anybody else?Deadly viruses may come and go, but lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc. are the silent killers. And this pandemic has shown us how unhealthy & underprepared we really are.The world is changing. People’s habits are changing. With work-from-home becoming the new normal, everyone is struggling to adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

And this is the time to give back to your community.
Make them prepared against the deadly perils of a sedentary lifestyle.

We have shared 19 ways you can help your community right now.

Zoconut can help you make a bigger impact without the extra effort.
Here’s how:

  • You can offer unlimited free consultations
    (We don’t charge for any consultations)
  • Create nutrition content to empower people against COVID and share them on social media to drive awareness
    (Get your own website to share expert advice)
  • You can enable clients to keep track of COVID related health metrics like SpO2, Core Temperature, Blood Pressure, etc.
    (Clients can use the e-Diet app for free, always)

And many more ways to grow your influence, help more people and give back to the community.