How to Use the Holiday Season to Boost Your Nutrition Business Revenue

While it is easy to start a nutrition business, it is a totally different game when it comes to expanding it and increasing your revenue. All around the year, you have to make endless efforts to build your clientele and make your ends meet so that your nutrition practice can sustain itself. You have to tirelessly market your services and build networks within the industry which can help expand your nutrition business.

Even after putting in all these efforts, the most pioneering nutrition professionals cannot guarantee you success. However, there is one period of the year when your efforts can possibly reap the highest rewards.

I am talking about the holiday season.

During the holiday season, people are more susceptible to your marketing efforts and are more likely to convert into clients. Here are a few reasons why:

How can the holiday season help boost your nutrition business

People are in a mood to spend money

With all the hard-earned money that people have gathered throughout the year, the holiday season is the time when they let themselves lose and find ways to spend their earnings. The holiday season is recorded to have seen the most impulsive and spontaneous purchases, in comparison to any other time frame of the year.  

Plus, the majority of companies roll out bonuses during the holiday season which gives people all the more incentive to spend money.

People are more willing to revamp their life

It is human nature that we want to improve our lives and incorporate a higher standard of living. That feeling just accentuates during the holiday season.

The year is about to end and January will bring a new beginning. Hence, people are more receptive to new things during the holiday season and willing to take major life-changing decisions.

People participate in a lot of social gatherings

Holidays mean celebrations, and celebrations mean huge gatherings. The holiday season is arguably the most socially active and jubilant period of the year. People spend lots of time with their loved ones to share joy and warmth.

And what else do they share? Recommendations. They share recommendations on where they got their clothes from, their newfound favorite restaurant, and even their healthcare professionals.

This way, holidays can help you expand your network and spread the word about your practice in the market.

Ways to use the holiday season to boost your revenue

Holiday-themed digital marketing campaigns

With digital marketing being the strongest weapon in your arsenal, it makes sense to start with it. You should create special holiday-themed digital marketing campaigns, which celebrate the upcoming festivals. They have proven to be very effective to increase your nutrition business’ visibility in the market and convert interested individuals into clients.

Your campaign should reflect a relationship between your practice and the theme of the particular festival or holiday. For example, if your practice promotes plant-based dietary substitutes, you can use campaigns like #veganthanksgiving or #plantbasedchristmas.

Once you have selected a good name for your campaign, make sure to use it across all your digital platforms, that means social media platforms, websites, and even guest blogs. It will help improve the internal links between your platforms and help you rank higher on search engines.

Furthermore, you can also use these campaigns to post interactive content on social media, like polls and contests. This helps you engage with your audience and create a more personal relationship with them.

Special discounts and offers

As we talked about Black Friday and how buyers respond to discounts, it can be beneficial for your practice to roll out some interesting discounts and offers. It will help you gather attention to your practice and convert potential leads who just need a little push to take up your services.

You can offer time-limited sales, like ‘Christmas Weekend Sale’, where the discounts are only available for the weekend before Christmas. You can also offer special discounts on referrals so that your existing clients are motivated to introduce more people to your practice.

Free Shipping

If your practice sells any food items or supplements or any kind of product, then free shipping can also be a good alternative.

Shipping charges often make up for a huge sum of the final price, which can put a damper on your conversion rates. Studies have shown that 28% of shoppers tend to abandon their shopping cart if presented with unexpected shipping costs.  

Hence, offering free shipping can significantly increase your sales.


Freebies are a buyer’s best friend. It is practically hard for a person to reject free stuff if it is going to add value to their life.

Not only that, studies have shown that 82% of buyers have a positive impression of the brand after receiving freebies, and close to 83% of these buyers are more likely to purchase again in the future.

Hence, free giveaways can help you substantially increase your sales. One of the most popular giveaway strategies that successful nutrition professionals use is to give free consultations to new clients. You can also give free product samples along for a client’s first session.

Create a holiday challenge

Holidays are a time when people are excited and ready to indulge in new things. This creates a perfect opportunity to grab their attention and convert them into your clients.

One of the best ways to do that is by offering them a holiday challenge. It is a great way to virtually interact with your audience and draw their attention to your practice. They can be fun-based or self-improvement motivated challenges that add value to your audience.

You can set weight loss challenges or healthy eating challenges, which are most commonly used by nutrition professionals. Build the rules and framework of the challenge and publish it throughout all your digital platforms. You can make the challenge all the more appealing with a prize for the individual or team who wins the challenge.

Give special offers to your existing customers

Another way to increase your revenue is by motivating your existing clients to invest more in your practice. It is highly effective because your existing clients are already familiar with your services and are more inclined to invest in your practice.

With a special offer, they will be more than interested in availing more of your services. You can offer free extensions, special prices, or higher referral fees which will encourage your clients to refer your practice to their friends and family.

Hold special webinars, workshops, or virtual events

If you have a special idea or piece of knowledge that can be helpful for your target audience during this holiday season, holding a webinar or virtual event can be a great way to make some money. You can offer a nominal fee from attendees to participate in the event which can be an easy source of income for your business.

Even if you choose to keep it free, it creates a lot of revenue-building opportunities for your practice. By sharing valuable information with your audience, they see you as a credible expert in the field, which increases your chances of converting potential clients. And more customers means more revenue.

Create Holiday-themed content

People are more jubilant and they wish to share that happiness with others. So, if you share a little bit of joy with them, they will show their appreciation too.

And here’s where content marketing comes to play. You can create personalized and valuable content around the holiday theme, which can help you communicate with your target audience and grab their attention.

You can create content on end-of-the-year updates, nutritious holiday recipes, possible developments in the new year, and a plethora of other topics.

If you want to learn more about such holiday-themed content topics, check out our article on 10 Popular Holiday Content Ideas For Nutrition Business Owners. It will help you create a sound content marketing plan for the holiday season.

The Bottom Line

The holiday season offers you a social and digital environment where people are more jubilant and willing to spend some money to improve their lifestyle. With a well-structured digital marketing plan, you can considerably increase your clientele and give your practice that extra push.

By implementing these easy-to-apply techniques, you can really cash in on the opportunity provided by the holiday season and expand the reach of your practice. From flashy discounts to interactive public engagement methods, these handy tricks will help you entice more people to choose your services.

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