How to use nutrition business reports for success

For every nutrition business, it is necessary to track your steps and stay watchful of what works with your clients and what doesn’t. If you relentlessly keep employing the same tactics that are not proving effective, you will lose your business. 

To make sure that you always make the wisest business decisions, you need to create business reports. A business report helps you evaluate a particular issue, financial situation, and varied circumstances related to your business’s performance.

Benefits of business reports

Here are a few ways in which business reports can help you enhance your practice:

  • They provide you a deeper insight into the management and performance of your nutrition business. You can use these insights to improve your performance and make your services even more effective.
  • With a comprehensive report, you can find out the weaknesses of your business and quickly tend them before it’s too late.
  • It helps you track the growth of your business. By analyzing your progress, you can figure out how close you are to meeting your targets and how to improve your services if you are lagging behind.
  • Business reports help you make smart business decisions. You can analyze your prospects and learn from your experiences that can help you make decisions that will most likely turn favorable.

What metrics should a nutrition business measure? 

The metrics that you need to measure can be divided into 3 segments. Each segment concentrates on a specific aspect of your business that can contribute to its success or failure. The 3 segments are:

Client’s reports

The integrity and success of your nutrition business are closely related to how your clients are following your set plans. Therefore, you need to constantly analyze their progress and determine the best treatment that can benefit your client.

For that, various nutritionists worldwide are incorporating smart progress tracking in their business model, which helps them keep a thorough check on how their clients are following the diet and how effective the diet plan is proving for them. 

Clinician’s reports

Another important aspect that is crucial for your company’s growth is how efficiently your subordinate clinicians are treating their clients. Their performance contributes to the overall image of your business.

You need to track each client’s compliance reports assigned to a particular clinician, which can help you analyze their performance in delivering a good client experience. You should also analyze their contributions to the business to ascertain who has performed significantly well and who needs to step up their game.

Payment Reports

Even though the quality of your services is what defines your business, their effectiveness and profitability can only be measured by how much revenue they generate.

Hence, it would be best if you kept a close eye on how much revenue each treatment is bringing in. Analyze the revenue collection of each plan to ascertain which ones are performing well and which ones are doing worst.

You should also analyze the overall contribution of specific clinicians to help them improve their performance, which will, in turn, benefit your company.

How to use reports using Zoconut 

Understanding Compliance Reports

In this section, we will guide you to understand the diet compliance report of your dieters.

  • Go to the reports section present on the dashboard. 
  • Select the compilation report
  • A compilation report dashboard will appear on the screen. 
  • Filter out the time duration for diet compliance report 
  • Custom dates can also be selected for selected time duration.

For custom time duration

  • Select the time duration of the diet compliance reports.
  • Click on apply to get the custom time duration.

Filter out the dietitian for the specific compliance report.

  • Choose the gender from the filter for more specific compliance reports.
  • Click to refresh the report available on the right side of the screen.
  • Compliance reports can be downloaded from the download section in different versions.
  • Click on the view button present on the full stats section to view the clients’ report.

Understanding Progress

In this section, we will guide you to the progress report of the dieter. 

  • Go to the reports section present on the dashboard.
  • Click on the progress menu.
  • A leaderboard will appear on the screen.
  • Filter out the type of dietitian to check his/her progress report with dieters. 
  • Choose the type of dieter from the all dieter filter.
  • Choose the gain or loss from the filter for the report. 
  • Select the gender of the dieter from the gender filter. 
  • Select the package plan from the program section. 

Understanding Appointments reports

In this section, we will guide you on how to analyze your appointment performance report. 

  • Go to the reports section present on the dashboard.
  • Select the appointment menu.
  • The appointment report graph will appear on the screen with the appointment report of the dieter.
  • Filter out the total number of days for the appointment report
  • Filter the respective dietitians for specific appointment reports.
  • Select the gender of the dieter: male or female 
  • Choose the status of the dieter.

Total appointment

The total number of appointments attended by the dietitians or could not attend the appointment are counted in the total appointment. 

Completed appointment

The appointment is successfully completed or attended by the dietitians. 

Unique appointment

Appointments that are held for the first time with clients in your clinic are unique appointments. 

Canceled appointment

The appointments have been canceled either by leads, dieters, or dietitians.

Lead appointment

These appointments are only between leads and dietitians of the clinic. 

Understanding Payments

In this section, we will understand the payments, and then we will go through the analysis of the payment report.

  • Go to the reports section present on the dashboard
  • Select the payment menu.
  • The revenue report graph will appear on the screen.
  • Filter out the total number of days for the appointment report
  • Filter the respective dietitians for specific appointment reports. 
  • Select the gender of the dieter: male or female 
  • Choose the package plan for the dieter, 
  • Select the currency of the country,
  • Choose the mode of payment for the package.  

How to use insights from Zoconut’s reports

At Zoconut, we understand the necessities of our clients and the benefits that a good analytical report can provide to their business. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive and intelligent reporting system to help you analyze your progress and make smart business decisions.

Here are the specific reporting features that Zoconut provides:

  • Compliance report: Our software can provide a thorough compliance report that tells you when a client has adequately followed the plan and when he/she has missed it. Based on your analysis, you can determine what kind of diet plans your clients are finding easy to follow and which are proving to be unproductive.
  • Progress report: The progress report helps you analyze the improvements and developments your client has gone through with the help of your treatment plan. You can also filter the results based on weight change or by selecting a specific program. If the reports show satisfactory progress, then your treatment is going on the right track. If not, you should consider revising your plan.
  • Appointments report: This feature helps you check how many appointments your clinicians have conducted in the past week, month, or a customized duration. It provides you a detailed log on the total appointments conducted, completed appointments, canceled appointments, as well as lead appointments. Keeping a check on your appointments is crucial because it reflects how effectively you can communicate and connect with your clients.
  • Payments report: The payments report feature provides a detailed log of your practice’s revenue. It can show you the revenue generated by each program and automatically lists down your best and worst-performing packages. It can really help your sales team to revise the costs of your services so that they become more desirable to your target audience.

Furthermore, all these reporting features also allow you to analyze the performance of each clinician working in your practice. You can filter out compliance reports and progress reports of clients under each clinician and analyze them individually. You can also track their appointment records to assess their contribution to your clinic’s success.

Business reports can exponentially help you improve your practice’s performance and help you make profitable business decisions. It can help you grow your business and leave a more significant impact on the industry.

With Zoconut’s comprehensive reporting features, you can always stay on top of each and every aspect of your business and analyze the weaknesses of your nutrition business.

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