How to use customized forms for new client assessment

Every nutrition practitioner has a particular niche that they cater to and their own distinct style of approaching each client. As practitioners differ, so does their necessity of information.

Hence, nutrition professionals prefer practice management software that can provide customizable forms where they can develop specific segments of information as per their requirements. 

What are customizable assessment forms?

Custom or customizable forms are assessment forms or questionnaires that give you the liberty to customize each and every segment of your client intake form according to your needs. You can add, remove, or revise the elements of the default intake form to extract all the necessary information from your clients that can help you make a sound assessment of their lifestyle, medical or dietary background.

There are four fields in which nutrition professionals often prefer to have customized forms:

  1. Profile assessment: To collect personal details of an onboarding client. 
  2. Medical assessment: To collect information regarding their medical history and any specific medical condition a client might have.
  3. Lifestyle assessment: To collect information about a client’s lifestyle to analyze the root cause of any healthcare problems. 
  4. Diet Recall: It is the dietary assessment of a client that consists of a structured questionnaire with the intention of capturing all food items consumed during daily meals in a set time frame, specified by the practitioner.

Purpose of customized assessment forms

There are various advantages of having customized forms:

  • It can help you gather specific information, pertaining to your distinct style of practice, to better understand your clients and provide them personalized treatment plans.
  • It can substantially speed up your client treatment procedure when you have all the necessary information readily available.
  • It provides you with an opportunity to deliver exceptional service to your clients which can improve the goodwill of your practice and exude confidence in potential clients.

How to create customizable assessment forms with Zoconut

Zoconut offers you the option to customize your all intake forms, namely the Basic Assessment form, the Medical assessment form, the lifestyle assessment form, and the diet recall form.

  • Log into your Zoconut E-Clinic profile; then, click on the Clinic profile and go to Settings and Configurations.
  • Click on the Dynamic Forms on the dashboard, where you can find all the default assessment forms.
  • Click on the add data where you will have to filter out different sections like choosing the assessment form and types of fields and mention the label, placeholder, default value on the form. 
  • Filter out the gender-specific and status of the dynamic forms. 

Understanding the Basic Assessment Form

In this section, we will learn about the client’s basic assessment form

  • Log into the zoconut profile 
  • Go to the dieter section 
  • Select the client’s profile.  

The basic assessment form is filling in all the personal information, anthropometric measurements, and permanent address information.

  • Personal information like - name, gender, dob, email, phone number, etc
  • Anthropometric measurements like - heights, Weights, etc 
  • Permanent address information like your address, city, country. 

Understanding the Medical Assessment Form

In this process, we will see what's inside a client's medical assessment form.

  • Log into the zoconut profile
  • Go to the dieter section.
  • Select the client’s profile.

The medical assessment is the fulfillment of blood group, physical activity, weight loss, diseases, duration severity, and other medical histories.

  • Suppose the client is going through some medical history, family medical history, medication, or menstrual history, any medication, menstrual history. In that case, we need to fill such things on the medical assessment.

Understanding the Food & Lifestyle form

In this process, we will see what's inside a client's food and lifestyle assessment form.

  • Log into the zoconut profile
  • Go to the dieter section 
  • Select the client’s profile.

Food and lifestyle assessment asks about the food specifications, preferences, and eats out smoking and alcohol frequency.

  • Clients are also asked about their food likes and dislikes, fast days, food allergies, and preferred cuisine.
  • These food assessment forms are asked for creating a client's diet plan quickly.

Understanding the Diet Recall Form

In this process, we will guide you on how to create a diet recall for your dieter.

  • Go to the dieter section of the dashboard. 
  • Select the client/dieter for which you want to create a diet recall plan. 
  • Click on the diet recall section.
  • Choose the dining of the meal and the timing of the meal.
  • Enter the food details for your clients/dieters.
  • Save the diet recall form for the client. 

Having customized forms can help you gather all the necessary information to tailor personalized treatment plans for all your clients. It can enhance your practice and improve its efficiency. And with Zoconut’s adaptive and dynamic forms, the client assessment process becomes a lot easier.

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