How to set up automatic reminders for your upcoming appointments

As a nutrition practitioner, you must have observed that a lot of clients book their appointments but don’t actually show up. Some might reason that by saying they had some urgent matter to attend to or just simply forgot. 

No matter what the reason is, this can significantly affect your practice’s productivity as well as your client’s treatment. To bridge this shortcoming, many nutrition professionals are taking the help of a feature called ‘automatic reminders’. 

What are automated reminders used for?

Automatic reminders are a great tool to help clients remember upcoming appointments. It diligently sends email or SMS alerts when an appointment is scheduled so that your clients can make necessary adjustments in their schedules. 

Automated reminders can help you drastically decrease the number of no-shows and make sure that your clinical hours are utilized optimally. It sends the message a few days prior to the actual appointment date so that if the client wants to cancel the appointment, they can be free to. Also, it vacates the spot for the next client on your waiting list.   

Some of the latest automated appointment features can also link with third-party calendar apps. This way, it can automatically add the date and time of your specific appointment to your client’s calendar, making sure that they never miss it. 

Benefits of automated reminders

  • A lot of clients cancel their appointments because they might have forgotten about it or haven’t included it in their schedule. With automated reminders for upcoming appointments, you can drastically reduce the number of no shows 
  • It can help you increase the efficiency of your practice. With time and periodic appointments, you can keep a thorough check on your clients and properly evaluate their treatment plans. And if your treatments are going well, that means your practice is doing well. 
  • It can help your manage and utilize your time to the optimal level. By sending alerts prior to an upcoming appointment, automated reminders make sure that your clients turn up for their appointments. And if they have to cancel for any reason, you can compensate for that time slot with another appointment. 

How to set up automatic reminders for upcoming appointments

This section will guide you through the appointment section, where you can easily book appointments in the Zoconut application & set reminders for it.

  • Click on the hamburger menu and then go to the appointments menu. ANew calendar dashboard will appear on the screen and a calendar icon in the lower right corner. You can also track appointments in this dashboard section. 
  • Now, click on the calendar icon on the appointment section. You will find the book appointment menu, where you will need to fill in all the appointment details. 
  • Select the dieter, date, and time of appointment. Filter out the appointment type and mention the reason for the appointment in the notes section if needed, then click on the confirm button to book the appointment. Your client will be notified about the appointment via text message on the smartphone and a notification on the e-diet application.
  • If you want to add the booked appointments to the calendar, click Yes to add your appointment to your device calendar and set up the appointment reminder.

By using automated reminders for your upcoming appointments, you can make sure that your clients show up for their appointments and help you invigilate their treatment properly. It can also optimize your time management and make sure that your practice runs efficiently. 

With Zoconut’s user-friendly customer app, you can also notify your clients with push notifications to make sure that they don’t miss it.

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