How to set up automatic notifications to update clients with Zoconut

One of the integral aspects of running a good nutrition practice is to have an efficient model of communication with your clients. You need to diligently keep them updated about each stage of their treatment and ensure that they do their part. 

However, it can be a tedious task to contact each client individually and update them. To help you with that, some of the advanced practice management software can provide you with automated email and SMS alerts to send essential updates.

Applications of Automated Emails and SMS Alerts   

Appointment Reminders

One of the most beneficial applications of automated alerts is to remind your clients about upcoming appointments. Many clients delay or cancel their appointments because either they have forgotten about them or missed on including them in their schedule. With automated email and SMS alerts, you can periodically send them reminders a week in advance so that they can plan for the appointment.

Payment Reminders

Another application is to send payment reminders to your clients. You can periodically send automated emails and SMS to remind them about their upcoming payments and allow them to prepare for the same. You can also send links to your payment gateway along with the email and SMS to make it easier for them.

Important Updates

They can also be a useful tool in delivering important updates regarding your practice or developments in the industry. You can use it to periodically send progress reports to your clients or to just relay some motivational messages.

Benefits of Automated Emails and SMS Alerts

  • They can help you deliver bulk messages instantaneously at a specific time, without having to monitor them. By setting a few parameters, you can even send messages periodically and precisely administer at which time you send them. 
  • A lot of clients cancel their appointments because they might have forgotten about it or haven’t included it in their schedule. With automated reminders for appointments and meetings, you can drastically reduce the number of no-shows and increase the efficiency of your practice. 
  • By periodically sending automated alerts to your clients for payments, it ensures that you are duly paid for your services and relieved from the financial stress of conducting the business.
  • By sending automated emails and SMS alerts for each and every development, you can substantially improve your communication with the clients and make sure that all the information is precisely and timely delivered to them. 
  • Having an automated emails and SMS alert system can also provide you an extra edge over your competitors. It helps you enhance your business-customer relationship, which can add to your goodwill and present you as a desirable alternative to the competitors’ clientele. 

How to setup Zoconut’s automated notifications feature to update clients 

Understanding Notifications section

In this section, we will understand the notification section and then know how to compose any notification or create any template. 

  • Go to the communication section present on the dashboard.
  • Click on the notification section.
  • A notifications dashboard will appear on the screen


Composing Notifications for clients

In this section, we will explain to you the process of composing notifications. 

  • Filter dieters according to their type: All dieters- New signups, active user, Inactive user, or end month user. 
  • Filter the dieter according to their package plan: programs
  • Filter the dieter according to their type and your need for a specific dieter. Device type, Country, state, city.
  • Mark the check box for your specific dieter.

Creating notification templates

  • Go to the communication section of the dashboard. 
  • Click on the notification menu.
  • Go to the add template section available dashboard.
  • Create a title for the title section. 
  • Write the message on the message box. 
  • Select the status of the offer whether you want to keep it in the draft or published.
  • Click on the Save button to add a new template. 

With the help of automated email and SMS alerts, you can effectively and timely relay important information to your clients that ensures increased efficiency of your practice. It can be used to send payment and appointment reminders to your clients so that your practice can work to its optimal capacity and show satisfactory growth. 

Zoconut’s advanced practice management features can help you integrate various aspects of your business with automated alerts to deliver messages instantaneously.

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