How To Run Online Wellness Challenges For Your Nutrition Business

Creating an interactive and interpersonal relationship with your target audience is essential to encourage them to convert into clients. It allows them to notice your practice and consider it as a viable option for their healthcare needs.

One of the best ways to create that kind of an atmosphere with your audience is to conduct wellness and fitness challenges. It is a great way to virtually interact with your audience and draw their attention to your practice. They can be fun-based or self-improvement motivated challenges that add value to your audience.

You can set weight loss challenges or healthy eating challenges, which are most commonly used by nutrition professionals. Build the rules and framework of the challenge and publish it throughout all your digital platforms. You can make the challenge all the more appealing with a prize for the individual or team who wins the challenge.

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Benefits of an online wellness challenge

Helps your prospective clients progress towards their wellness goals

One of the most remarkable benefits of organizing an online wellness challenge is that you can provide an immediate solution to your audience’s fitness needs and help them progress towards their wellness goals.  

A great marketing tool

Hosting an online wellness challenge can be a great marketing strategy, as it allows you to attract interested individuals and convert them into your customers. It can provide a more intimate insight into your services and help them understand how your services work.

Creates a personal connection with your target audience

While you are helping your prospective clients achieve their fitness goals, you are also developing an interpersonal relationship with them. They start to see you as a trustworthy expert that they can count on, which can potentially convert them into purchasing your services.

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Steps to create your online wellness challenge

  1. Understand the requirements of your target audience

In order to create an attractive wellness challenge, you need to understand what they are looking for and what would entice them. The objective of organizing a wellness challenge is to encourage your potential clients and help them achieve their fitness goals.

If you are a PCOS dietitian, your target audience might want to improve their lifestyle to control cyst development. If you are a plant-based nutritionist, your target audience is trying to reduce their dependence on animal products.

Similarly, you need to do some research on which particular need or lifestyle change your target audience is trying to inculcate and create a challenge around that.

  1. Decide a theme or goal of your wellness challenge

Once you have figured out the particular requirement that your challenge is going to cater to, you need to pick a theme for your challenge. A theme is basically a direction in which your challenge will go. Is it going to include dietary adherence, following a strict workout routine, or a combination of both.

This will also help you to define a precise goal of your challenge which can paint a clearer picture into your audience’s head, as to what they will get out of it. Furthermore, it can become a great instrument for your clients to track their progress and keep them motivated.

  1. Create a Workout Calendar and meal plan

Now that you have conceptualised your challenge and its motive, it’s time to actually create a routine for your challenge. This will work as a guideline on how participants are supposed to enrol for the challenge and how they can participate in it.

If your wellness challenge includes physical workout, that is what you should start with. You need to create a workout calendar for your participants, which they have to adhere to throughout the challenge. It should precisely mention how many repetitions of each exercise they are supposed to do and for how long.

Any workout routine is incomplete without a good meal plan. Create a step by step meal plan on what your participants are supposed to have in a day and how much quantity. It is very important that you relay the meal plan very clearly to your participants, or else they won’t have the desired results.

You can also create a video or vlog to explain your workout routine more efficiently and show the exact posture for each exercise.

  1. Create a run-through video or infographic for the participants

After creating your workout routine and meal plan, create a visual representation of that information. It is more beneficial if you create a visual representation, as it is easier to understand and easy to become viral.

It can either be a video clip, where you explain the entire challenge elaborately, or you can create an infographic image that can give a rough runthrough. Either way, it is necessary that you deliver each and every detail about the challenge so that the participants are on the same page.

  1. Structure a marketing strategy

The final step in your preparation for the wellness challenge is to create a strong marketing campaign that will help you send out the word and bring in the desired audience.

First and foremost…

Create a hashtag for your wellness challenge

As we have talked about earlier, hashtags are one of the major weapons in your arsenal when it comes to digital marketing. Not only does it make your challenge get more visibility, it also increases the retention value of your posts. People can easily tag their posts about your challenge by using those hashtags and further expand your reach.

Advertise on all digital platforms

You should not shy away from investing a little for advertising your wellness challenge. You should take advantage of paid advertisements and ensure that a wider range of people get to know about your challenge and can enrol for the same. Post the ads on all your digital platforms, namely websites, social media platforms, online forums, blog sites, and virtual closed networks.

Launch an email marketing campaign

If you already have an email list of subscribers or followers to whom you send your blog updates, you can very well use that list to market your wellness challenge. If you don’t, then now is the right time as any to start it.

Create a good template for your email with valuable information, the same information that you mentioned on the video or infographic that you make. You can use online tools, like MailChimp, to design a good template for your email.

Tip: Try to create the name of your campaign that is related to the hashtag of the webinar, or vice versa. This way you can further improve the retention level of the challenge.

Create a blog about your webinar

You’ve conducted a lot of research and found out the necessity for your challenge. So, why not put it to words and explain that necessity to your audience?

You should create an intriguing blog that makes your audience curious or interested in finding out why this challenge is necessary and how it can help them. This will help you motivate them to sign up.

Steps to take during the wellness challenge

Communicate with your participants constantly

Even though you have explained the challenge properly to your participants, it isn’t guaranteed that all of them will understand what they are supposed to do. Hence, it is extremely important that you communicate with them constantly and guide them through the entire challenge.

Keep them motivated

While this challenge will provide your target audience an immediate solution to their problems, many of them will back out after a few days and revert back to their unhealthy lifestyle. Well, that can affect your brand image.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, try to motivate your participants throughout the challenge. You can send out customized notifications or text messages, share delicious and healthy recipes, or just send a video with a personalized message.  

Along with that, it is also a great opportunity for you to present what kind of a nutrition professional you are. If you work towards motivating them and helping them overcome their obstacles, it will portray you as a responsible and trustworthy individual.

Organically Introduce your services/products

While people don’t like hard-sell pitches, a little bit of product placement can prove to be helpful. You can hint towards or suggest your services/products as an ideal substitute for their needs.

Take feedback

It is always wise to take feedback from your audience and know how they found your challenge. This way you can improve on your weak points and increase the quality of your future challenges.

You can post a link for the survey on your social media platforms and website. You can also send emails to the participants personally to get their feedback.

Case Studies

Move – 30 Days of Yoga With Adrienne

Yoga With Adrienne

Organized by the American actress and yoga teacher Adrienne Mishler, Move is a 30-day long challenge where she concentrates on one particular type of movement and creates workout routines on them. While the program is totally free for the participants, you also get a free goodie starter pack to help you throughout the week. Check out this video to learn more about this challenge.

Joe Wicks’ 90 Day Plan

Joe Wicks’ 90 Day Plan is one of the most cohesive and well-rounded workout challenges out there. It provides you with more than 180 deliciously healthy recipes, and 15 versatile workout videos, all tailored as per your body’s requirements.

Also, you get to be a part of an inclusive and motivating online community that helps its participants transform their lives. It has already helped thousands of participants, and still sees hundreds of subscriptions every year.

Conduct a successful online wellness challenge with these steps

Even though it can be a little overwhelming to create your own online wellness challenge, with a few easy-to-follow steps, you can create an amazing and entertaining online wellness challenge. It can become a great instrument for your business to attract clients and give them a taste of your services.

By following these pre, and post-challenge steps, your wellness challenge can become a great hit amongst your target audience and open the door to new opportunities.

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