How to integrate Telehealth into your nutrition practice

Ever since the COVID-19 forced pandemic has hit the world, the necessity of telehealth services has surfaced in the healthcare industry. Nutrition practitioners across the world quickly adapted to this tech-driven medium to continue their practice, even amidst strict lockdowns.

With our online clinical software, you can seamlessly perform telehealth sessions with your clients without any hassle. Our HIPAA compliant sessions can assure 100% safety of your client’s confidential information and help you conduct relaxed online sessions. 

What is telehealth 

Telehealth refers to the health care services that are delivered with the help of electronic information and telecommunication technologies. It could be a simple telephonic consultation or even conducting medical visits over the computer. 

Any device with internet access and a cellular connection can be used to perform telehealth services. It breaks the limitations of physically being present to acquire healthcare services and virtually connects patients with their doctors. 

Telehealth has made the problem of distance and travel obsolete and has prescribed an efficient way for nutritionists and their clients to communicate. 

Telehealth is often misunderstood as telemedicine, which only provides remote delivery of healthcare. Whereas, telehealth includes synchronous consultation, send and receive messages, remote patient monitoring, as well as training and continuing education of medical professionals.

With our HIPAA compliant telehealth & communications features, you can seamlessly perform live chats with your clients, from any part of the world, and provide them satisfactory services virtually. You can conduct unlimited appointment sessions by using simple-to-use video call integration options. You can share and receive files, forms, and other necessary documents during your sessions to access any necessary information about your client.

Zoconut also provides smart Cloud Telephony Integration to provide our clients with robust and powerful calling features, including auto-attend, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call forwarding, and many more. This also guarantees the protection of your client’s sensitive information and manages which access authority of your team members to the customer data.

Benefits of telehealth

The introduction of telehealth has brought drastic changes in the healthcare community. According to research conducted by Frost & Sullivan, a pioneering market research company, the industry could be responsible to generate more than $1.9 billion in revenue in North America.

More than 76% of hospitals in the U.S. are connecting their doctors and patients remotely via telehealth services.

These are the major factors in which telehealth can enhance your practice:

  • It expands the reach of a nutrition practitioner as he/she can tend to international clients without having to travel to those destinations.
  • It improves private practice management as you don’t need to be stationed at one office to conduct your practice. You can work efficiently from anywhere unless and until you have your phone and personal computer with you.
  • It is also a very cost-efficient method which reduces your expenses of renting an office, getting it furnished and paying huge amounts to maintain it.
  • It can also improve your time efficiency as you only know how to report to your practice when you have an appointment or meeting scheduled.

How to set up Telehealth appointments with clients using Zoconut

Every appointment booked through Zoconut has the option of Telehealth (video and online).

In this section, we will guide you on how to set up Telehealth appointments with your clients.

  • You will log into your zoconut profile. Then go to the dieter section on the left side of the dashboard menu.
  • Click on the client name from the names menu.
  • Then click on the booking and follow-ups present on the profile menu.      
  • After clicking on booking and follow-ups, Then select the Plus new appointment button. 
  • Select the date for an appointment and dietitian
  • Select guests if you want to add any guests.
  • Choose the appointment type. you can choose an in-person, online, or video consultation type of appointment.
  • Select online or video for Telehealth appointment
  • If you want to add details or mention something, you can write it on the note menu. 
  • Select the available slots for the appointment.
  • Click on the book button to complete the appointment.
  • Your clinic will inform the client about the appointment by a message and notification on the e-Diet app.

The Bottom Line

Breaking the limitations posed by far-reaching territories or pandemics, telehealth is the one instrument that can help nutritionists persevere with the help of technology. 

With Zoconut’s user-friendly telehealth feature, you can connect with your patients from all across the world, at any given point.

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