How to ensure data privacy and security protection for your nutrition business with Zoconut

When you take in a new client, you are taking responsibility for their confidential information, which is sensitive and prone to be hacked or corrupted.

Hence, one of the most important aspects of your nutrition practice will be judged as the kind of data protection you can provide to your clients. Leading nutrition practices are installing top-notch data protection softwares that can protect and back up their client’s information. 

Importance of data privacy and security protection

Any information that your practice collects from its clients needs to be adequately protected. Therefore, you need to install reliable data protection software that can safeguard all your information, or else, the repercussions can be really harmful to you and your client. It can:

  • Lead to prosecution:  One of the biggest threats that it poses is a probable lawsuit that your client might throw on you. And the penalties for data infringement can be really harsh. For example, in some countries, the fees of violation can be as high as 20 million Euros.
  • Damage your business’ reputation: If the word goes out into the market that you lost or misplaced your client’s information, it can seriously harm your reputation. Your potential clients will see you as a threat, and you might even lose your existing clients.
  • Put your customers at risk: Disclosing your client’s sensitive and personal information puts them at risk. They could be threatened with identity theft, credit-card theft, and numerous other dangers.

What should data privacy and security protection be for your nutrition business?

While looking for an ideal data protection software, here are some elements that you need to check whether or not a particular software safeguards:

  • Personal and sensitive information of your clients: As a nutrition practitioner, it is your duty to protect your client’s confidential health records. Hence, your data protection software should be able to provide complete protection of your client’s personal and sensitive data.
  • Safeguard financial information: If you are providing your customers with the facility of online payment, you need to make sure that your security software can protect their financial information, like credit cards, bank details, or social security numbers.
  • End-to-end encrypted telehealth communication: The live chats and emails are also in harm’s way of being hacked. Hence, your security software should be able to ensure end-to-end encryption of your telehealth services.
  • Protection from data loss: An ideal data protection software should be able to provide cloud-based data storage so that all your data is backed up and safe from corruption.

How to ensure data privacy and security compliance for your nutrition business?

With all the fake information and rigged reviews circulating on the internet, it can become hard to judge which ones you should believe and which ones you shouldn’t. Along with that, you need to ascertain whether the software complies with the government regulations, insurance companies, and guidelines prescribed by other accredited institutions.

Hence, you should always look for government-regulated certifications of the software. The most secured and protected platforms comply with data protection laws of the respective country, like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of USA, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of EU, and Pharmacy Act of India.

How does Zoconut ensure data privacy and security protection for your nutrition business?

Zoconut provides a wide range of privacy and security features that can ensure the utmost safety of your practice’s sensitive data:

  • Our platform works with leading digital infrastructure provides like AWS that provides world-class protection from any threat of data loss.  
  • Zoconut is HIPAA, PCI, & GDPR compliant, which makes it legal and safe to use in all the major continents. 
  • We provide secure cloud-based storage that ensures the highest degree of data security and makes all your important information accessible through any device at any point in time.
  • We also provide end-to-end encryption of all the telehealth communications that take place on our platform. 

To build a respectful and trustworthy nutrition practice, it is paramount that you keep your client’s personal and confidential information safe and secured. If you fail to do that, you are risking your company to possible lawsuits and damaged reputation.

Ensuring that your practice does not have to go through such harsh repercussions, Zoconut provides secure cloud-based storage that ensures the highest degree of data privacy and security. And with it being a software that is compliant with HIPAA, PCI, & GDPR guidelines, we provide utmost protection of your client’s data from all kinds of threats.

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