How to easily track your client’s progress in your Nutrition Practice

One of the cornerstones of running an effective nutrition practice is to keep track of your client’s progress. You need to check how they are following the treatment plan and how it is affecting them. The resultant of their adherence determines your effectiveness in the market. 

To help them keep a close eye on their clients’ progress, many nutritionists are adopting smart progress tracking methods to assess the effectiveness of their practice.

Essential elements to analyze for progress tracking

To conduct thorough and comprehensive progress tracking for your clients, you should concentrate on the following elements:

  • Compliance report: Our software can provide a thorough compliance report that tells you when a client has adequately followed the plan and when they have missed it. Based on your analysis, you can determine what kind of diet plans your clients are finding easy to follow and which are proving to be unproductive.
  • Progress report: The progress report helps you analyze the improvements and developments your client has gone through with the help of your treatment plan. You can also filter the results based on weight change or by selecting a specific program. If the reports show satisfactory progress, then your treatment is going on the right track. If not, you should consider revising your plan.
  • Activity tracking: You should also perform smart activity tracking to check your client’s sleep duration, water intake & workout routine. Some of the advanced progress tracking softwares can also easily integrate with fitness bands to automatically update your client’s stats.

Importance of tracking your client’s progress

  • You can stay updated with the client’s weight changes, sleep duration, water intake, and calories burnt regularly. You can receive these updates via notifications and emails.
  • It can help you analyze the compliance of your clients to know if they are adhering to your plans & advice.
  • Both you & your clients get progress reports to measure the effectiveness of the treatment plan. You can instantly make changes to your diet plan if the progress is not adequate or up to your expectations.
  • Tracking your client’s progress helps you enhance your services, which in turn improves your relationship with the client. Along with that, they also gain more confidence in themselves, as well as your practice.

How to easily track your client’s progress with Zoconut 

Understanding Compliance Reports 

In this section, we will guide you to understand the diet compliance report of your dieters.

  • Go to the reports section present on the dashboard. 
  • Select the compilation report
  • A compilation report dashboard will appear on the screen. 
  • Filter out the time duration for diet compliance report 
  • Custom dates can also be selected for selected time duration.

For custom time duration

  • Select the time duration of the diet compliance reports.
  • Click on apply to get the custom time duration.

Filter out the dietitian for the specific compliance report. 

  • Choose the gender from the filter for more specific compliance reports
  • Click to refresh the report available on the right side of the screen.
  • Compliance reports can be downloaded from the download section in different versions.
  • Click on the view button present on the full stats section to view the clients’ report. 

Understanding Progress 

In this section, we will guide you to the progress report of the dieter. 

  • Go to the reports section present on the dashboard.
  • Click on the progress menu.
  • A leaderboard will appear on the screen
  • Filter out the type of dietitian to check his/her progress report with dieters. 
  • Choose the type of dieter from the all dieter filter.
  • Choose the gain or loss from the filter for the report. 
  • Select the gender of the dieter from the gender filter. 
  • Select the package plan from the program section.                   

By tracking your clients each and every step as they progress through their treatment plan, you can substantially improve your services and provide satisfactory results. It can also help you portray yourself as a caring and responsible nutritionist which can further strengthen your image in the industry.

Considering the functionality of these tasks, Zoconut provides a dedicated app, called the eDiet app, that can help you stay connected with your clients. They can easily check their diet plans and update how much of those instructions they have followed. They can also update their weight changes through the app, which will automatically be updated in their profile.

With all these capabilities, Zoconut equips you to become a dedicated accountability partner to your clients and deliver success to your nutrition business.

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