How to easily create & share service packages on your website

It is widely believed that a good nutrition business should provide versatile services and cater to a wide range of health care requirements.

While you can create hundreds of different packages, they will be ineffective if you don’t present them properly to your target clients. Your target clients should be able to analyze all your packages and pick out the perfect one for themselves.

To assure that, one of the best methods that nutrition professionals are adopting is to share their service packages on their websites.

Importance of creating and sharing service packages on your website

  • Having an online platform where you present your services gives your clients an option to properly peruse through them. They can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each package and select the most suitable option. 
  • It can help to showcase the range and versatility of your practice. If you provide services that cater to multiple problems, you can exhibit that through your website and present your practice as the most ideal spot for healthcare needs. 
  • A lot of websites nowadays are linked with the practitioner’s bank accounts which allow clients to instantly book packages and pay for them at the same time. This can assist in increasing your conversion rate and reduce no-shows. 
  • As a website provides you a place in the virtual world, you can cater to a much wider audience. Potential clients, from all over the world, can check out your services and pick the most ideal one for themselves. 

Things to consider when creating your service packages on the website

Name and detailed description of the package

The first and most important thing that you need to provide is the name of your package and a detailed description of what all entails in that particular package. The description should be able to explain what your clients can expect from it and help them create a final picture of what they will ideally receive after the end of the service. 

Price of the package

The next important aspect that you need to mention is the price of your packages. Pricing plays a vital role in forming the overall appeal of the package and helps potential clients decide if they want to indulge in your services or not.

Duration of the package

Another vital element is the duration of the package. While some clients prefer a lighter treatment that is not very excruciating and finishes faster, there are a few who are looking for intensive treatments and want long-term results that can transform their lifestyle. Hence, you need to define the duration of each package to let your clients know how committed they need to be.

Specific terms and conditions of each package

Each service package is versatile and caters to different needs. So, it is only logical that there have to be different pressure points and delicate regions for each individual package. Hence, you should create a detailed and comprehensive set of terms and conditions for each package.

How to easily create and share service packages with Zoconut

In this section, we will show you how to create service packages for your clients & offer them on your website.

Open Zoconut & go to Settings & Configurations from the user drop-down menu at the top right of your screen.

  • Click on the Packages section.
  • Then click on the Add New button to create a new service package.

  • Create a new service package by entering the following information:
  • Package Name
  • Banner Image
  • Package Description
  • Select the Terms & Conditions document for the package
  • Select the Package Status
  • Select the visual sequence number of the package among the list of your packages

  • Select the payment type for the service package:
  • Select Flat Fee to let clients purchase the package with a one-time payment. Enter the following details:
  • Enter Amount as Price of the package
  • Select the Currency
  • Enter Tax percentage. To include tax in Amount, check the ‘Amount is inclusive of Tax.’
  • Click on the + button to enter price details.
  • You can also enter a price for the package in multiple currencies

  • Select Membership to let clients purchase the package with a recurring subscription fee. Enter the following details:
  • Click on Add Plan to create a new membership plan for the service package
  • Select Pricing Frequency - Monthly, Weekly, or Daily
  • Enter a Name for the Membership plan
  • Select a Duration for the membership plan (Max. 12 months, 25 weeks & 100 days, respectively)
  • Enter Amount as per pricing frequency (i.e.,  Monthly, Weekly, or Daily)
  • Select Currency
  • Enter Tax percentage. To include tax in Amount, check the ‘Amount is inclusive of Tax.’
  • Click on the + button to enter price details.
  • You can also enter the price for the package in multiple currencies
  • Then click on Add to add your membership pricing plan

  • Similarly, you can create multiple membership pricing plans for the same package.
  • And you can choose which membership pricing plans to display & use to charge clients for that package. You can do that by checking/unchecking ☑ Show for one membership plan to use/not use that pricing plan for the package.
  • Similarly, you can also display multiple membership pricing plans for one package.
  • Finally, click on Save to make the changes.

By sharing your service packages on the website, not only can you increase your range and cater to a global audience, but you can also allow your potential clients to analyze each package and choose the most ideal one for them. This can help you to substantially increase your conversion rate and make sure that no person who is introduced to your practice goes unsatisfied.

To help you manage and organize your service packages on the website, Zoconut provides an easy-to-follow backend for your website that can create or re-create your packages with a click of a button. 

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