How to create effective meal plans for clients easily

One of the crucial aspects on which your relationship with the clients and the overall success of your practice will be determined is how effective your services are. However, being a practitioner, you have realized that not a lot of your clients can properly follow your diet plans. 

To help you increase your client’s efficiency at understanding and following your designed meal plan, we provide a comprehensive and easy-to-follow meal planning software that conveniently communicates the proper method to follow the set regime.  

What does meal planning software do? 

A meal planning software is an application that helps you create a detailed and easy-to-follow meal plan for your clients. While there is a varied range of tactics on which they work, overall it helps you lay out a guide for what your clients should eat, and how they should eat throughout the week. 

The more high-functioning software also allows you to easily analyze, modify and recreate existing plans. They have a good nutrient database with dietary reference values that can help you calculate the nutritional value of each meal. 

They can also create customized diet templates depending on each client. This way, you can optimize your process of creating and managing diet plans for all your clients. 

Importance of a meal planning software

  • A meal planning software can help you create personalized diet plans for each individual client. This way, you can create long-term diet plans and efficiently update them as and when the treatment progresses.
  • It can exponentially increase your efficiency. While you can create a very functional system to create physical diet plans and noting down the regime. However, having dedicated software that can make your task way easier. You can concentrate on more important aspects and leave the menial tasks to the software.
  • These softwares also provide real-time updates on your client’s progress. This way you can provide better service and improve your practice’s goodwill in the industry.
  • Meal planning softwares have an extensive database where you can store all your clients’ diet plans safe and secured. Few also provide unlimited storage facilities which can be essential while scaling your company.  

How to create meal plan templates with Zoconut

In this section, we will discover the diet template and how dietitians can create their diet template.

  • Go to My data present on the dashboard.
  • Select the diet template present in the My Data section.
  • All diet templates are available on the template dashboard.    

Creating diet templates 

In this section, we will learn about how to create a diet template for a client. 

  • Go to My data present on the left side of the dashboard. 
  • Select the diet template present in the My Data section.
  • Go to create a new diet template section.       
  • Create a diet template name present on the dashboard.
  • Choose the time duration of the diet plan.   
  • Select the dining, the timing of the meal, and meal notes if needed can be added.
  • Click on the food button to create a dine for the clients. 
  • Search the food items for the diet 
  • Add the food items for diet meals
  • Select the quantity, measure for the meals.
  • Select the days if you want to repeat the same meals every day or other days
  • Click on done to create the meal.
    *** There are 8582 food items listed on our website*
  • Dine is ready, and meals are shown on the list with names, quantity, units.
  • Calories, protein, fats, carbs, fiber are automatically updated on the list once a diet meal is created. 
    *** Early morning breakfast meal is shown here*** 
  • Click on the diet notes present on the right side of the screen. 

          *** Diet note is created for giving notice to clients***       

  • After clicking on the diet note, you will find some diet notes already available. 
  • Create a template name and write your diet note
  • Click on save diet note as well as save as a template
  • Click on the compare meal to compare food meals with each day.     

Having dedicated meal planning software for your practice can drastically improve your service and help retain a good business-client relationship. 

Zoconut tries to give you a higher edge than other meal planning softwares as we also provide a detailed analysis of how your clients have followed the diet plan throughout the treatment.

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