How to create an effective diet plan for your clients

Even though exercising and physical workout are crucial for your client’s healthcare development, all your efforts will be worthless if you cannot provide them with an effective diet plan.

To ensure that they create compelling and easy-to-follow diet plans every time, leading nutritionists are employing diet planning softwares that can easily create comprehensive diet plans and stay in touch with their clients.  

Importance of an effective diet plan

While the entire future and reputation of your practice depend on how you create your diet plans, here are a few eminent benefits of creating effective diet plans:

  • With an effective diet plan, your clients will be aware of what they have to eat, and when they have to eat it. If they can easily follow your diet plan, you will be able to show desired results quickly.
  • It also fosters a healthier business-customer relationship. Your clients want to improve their lifestyle and change their diet habits to live healthier. If you can efficiently provide that, they will be more than satisfied with your services.
  • If your clients are satisfied with their services, they are definitely going to recommend you to their friends or family members. This way, you can also improve your goodwill in the industry and portray yourself as a reputed practitioner.

Elements of an effective diet planning software

While choosing your diet planning software, make sure that it has all these features to provide you the optimum service:

Unlimited Storage

Your diet planning software should have an extensive database where you can store all your clients’ diet plans. It should also provide an unlimited storage facility, which can be essential while scaling your company.

Show nutritional information of all ingredients

Some of the advanced diet planning softwares are equipped with a comprehensive database that has nutritional information of all available ingredients. This way, they can calculate the calories and nutritional levels of each meal that you create.

Customizable diet templates

Your diet planning software should allow you to create personalized diet templates for each client, depending on their treatment plan and nutrition requirements. It would also be helpful if your software can remember different templates that you have created. This way, you will have a database of different diet templates.

Real-time updates on client’s progress

Real-time updates are a very handy feature that can help you track your client’s progress. It can keep a detailed log of your client’s sleep duration, water intake, and adherence to the diet plan to help you analyze how effective your diet plan is.

How to create an effective diet plan with Zoconut 

In this section, we will know how to create a diet plan for a client.

  • You will log into your zoconut profile. Then go to the dieter section on the left side of the dashboard menu.
  • Select the client’s name and go to the plans present on the profile bar.
  • Go to the plans section present on the profile bar 
  • select the Plus new plan button on the right side of the screen.
  • A new dashboard will appear for creating new diet plans for the clients. 
  • Write the start date and duration of the plan. 
  • Create a plan name, description, and plan status for the diet plan.
    ***Max duration of the plan is 30 days***
    *** plan duration doesn’t exceed Package duration***
    *** Diet plan duration should be within package duration***
    ***Create and publish the plan or can save the plan in the draft***
  • Click on the plan introduction to share the basic information on diet plans.
  • Create a plan introduction and write a plan note on it. 
  • Click on the text button present on the right side of the screen. 
  • Create a diet note and diet guidelines from the load diet notes and load guidelines bar.
  • Go to the diet section present on the diet section.       
  • A new dashboard will appear to create a new detailed diet plan. 
  • Select the template if you have already created a similar diet plan before.
  • you can save the current diet plan as a new diet template
  • Select the dine name, timing of the meal, and meal notes, if needed, can be added.
  • Click on the food button to create a daily diet meal for the clients. 
  • Search the food items for the diet
  • Add the food items for diet meals
  • Select the quantity, measure for the meals.
  • Select the days if you want to repeat the same meals every day or other days. 
  • Click on done to create the meal.
  • There are 8582 food items listed on our website.
  • Diet meals are ready, and meals are shown on the list with names, quantity, units.
  • Calories, protein, fats, carbs, fiber are automatically updated on the list once a diet meal is created.
    *** Early morning breakfast meal is shown here***
  • Let's have a look at the lunch meal diet plan.
  • Click on the Action bar to copy the diet plan and preview the diet plan.
  • Click on the compare meal to compare food meals with each day.
  • Select the activity button present on the right side of the dashboard.
  • Go to the activity section and then click on the add manually button.
  • Click on the load activity button for the activity template and click on copy activity from for copying any activity form.
  • Click on the add manually button to add any form of activity for the clients.
  • Select the days. to add activity. Choose the weekdays you want to add for the activity of clients. 
  • Select the activity, count, units, reps, counts, and repetition.
  • Add any video link if you want to suggest any videos to the clients. 
  • Create a note and add the activity to the plan. 
  • Click to save and notify activity to the clients.
  • Click on the file button present on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the choose file to upload for the clients. 
  • Click on the video button present on the right side of the screen. 
  • Submit the link to the video for the clients.
  • Click on the image button present on the right side of the screen. 
  • Select the image from the file. 
  • Click on the Save Plan and then Save Plan and notify clients.

The backbone of any nutrition practice is how efficiently they can create a diet plan and communicate it with their clients. If you can perform admirably in executing these tasks, you will surely be able to run a successful dietitian practice.

Zoconut is here to support you and help you create the most effective and easy-to-follow diet plan that will enhance your practice and deliver results quickly.

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