How to accept online payments from clients for your nutrition services

While your university equipped you with a comprehensive knowledge of creating a well-balanced diet and running a successful nutrition business, it might’ve lacked in teaching you how to deal with your finances. And for any successful business, that is a must.

To remedy this shortcoming, you have some of the most advanced softwares and technologies available that can help you send, receive, and manage your money efficiently. 

Benefits of online payment systems

Along with increasing your client’s purchasing power and diminishing the financial hassles that entail running a practice, here are a few benefits that you can reap with an online payment system:

  • Accepting online payments can drastically lower your financial risks. With cash-based payments, you often need to verify the bills’ integrity or find yourself with a few bounced checks. On the other hand, online payments can be instantly verified and added to your bank account.
  • The easier your payment options are, the higher the chances that you will be paid quickly. Streamlining bill payments with the help of online portals can reduce barriers to receiving money and getting duly paid.
  • It also makes your services more appealing to those impulsive buyers. If a potential client sees your services at a discounted or reduced price, they can instantly buy your service pack.
  • Having online payments can increase your reach and help you accept clients globally. A potential client can seek your nutrition counseling and instantly pay for them via online portals from any part of the world.

Essential elements of a good online payment system

  • Seamless payment integration: Your online payment model should be able to seamlessly integrate all payment options, like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, Wallets, Net banking, etc., with your practice.
  • Accepting all currencies: Your online payment model should accept all kinds of currencies without charging any conversion fees.
  • Provides installment options: It would be a big plus if your payment model can provide installment options. Suppose a client can’t pay for their treatment in a lump sum. With an online payment option, they should be able to meet their dues by paying in EMIs.
  • Automatically generate & save invoices: As your online payments have a digital footprint, it is easy to save all your transaction invoices and keep them safe for future use. And your payment model should be able to operate this task automatically.
  • Incorporate discount and referral options: Discounts and referral programs are one of the best methods to expand your business and bring new customers into the practice. Hence, your online payment model should be able to give benefits to customers who have a discount coupon or referral code.

How to accept online payments with Zoconut 

In this section, we will show you how to set up payment integrations to start receiving payments online.

***Note: You must have a Razorpay account to complete this step. (We currently support Razorpay only)

Follow the below steps if you DO NOT have a Razorpay account. Skip to the next section, if you already have a Razorpay account.

Setting up & Activating your Razorpay account

  • Note: Please complete KYC verification to activate your account to receive payments.
  • For support on your Razorpay account, check out 

Integrating your Razorpay account with Zoconut using API keys

Log in to your Razorpay account and follow the below steps to set up payment integration with Zoconut.

  • Login to your Razorpay account. Scroll down on the left side menu and click on Settings
  • Go to API Keys and generate a New Key by clicking on Generate Test Key
  • Copy both the Key Id & Key Secret
  • Open Zoconut & go to Settings & Configurations from the user drop-down menu at the top right of your screen
  • Click on the 3rd Party Integration section
  • Under Billings & Payments, you will see Razorpay as the payment integration option.
  • Click on the expand arrow at the top right to reveal the entry fields for Razorpay API Key & API Secret.
  • Paste the Key Id into the Razorpay Key field.
  • And, paste the Key Secret into the Razorpay Secret field.
  • Then click on Update and select Yes to update your Razorpay API key information.
  • Your Razorpay account is now successfully integrated with Zoconut and you are ready to accept online payments.

Receiving Payments from Clients

In this process, we will get to know how dietitians or practitioners will receive payments from clients.

  • Clients will open the clinic website and then select the service bar present on the top of the dashboard. 
  • Choose the service plans available on the website. There are different package plans available for the clients.
  • Select the plans and pricing. Select the pay now option available.
  • Register on the dietitian’s website.
  • Select the country code and enter the mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and verify yourself
  • Select on the pay now to complete the payment.

With the help of a good online payment model, you can seamlessly manage your finances and easily receive money from your clients without paying a hefty fee to an accountant. Furthermore, it provides a more secured and liberated payment system that can help you expand your nutrition business.

While helping you reap all these benefits, Zoconut’s comprehensive online payment model can easily be integrated with your practice without any hassle.

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