Essential elements of a medical assessment form for new client intake

When it comes to onboarding a new client, you need to familiarize yourself with your client’s entire medical history and keep a detailed note of their weight and measurements. In a traditional manner, nutritionists used to sit with their clients for hours and note down each and every detail of their history. 

However, to make this process a lot faster, leading nutritionists are adopting medical assessment forms that they distribute amongst their clients to gather their medical information.

Importance of medical assessment forms 

  • Having a medical assessment form makes it easier for your to conduct a thorough medical examination of your clients and identify their healthcare problems. Your clients can fill out the forms at their convenience and present you with a thorough medical history.
  • Many nutritionists periodically ask their clients to fill these forms to keep a track of their client’s development and progress. This can also help create progress reports and compliance reports for your practice.
  • One of the most important advantages of medical assessment forms is that it helps you tailor personalized treatment plans for all your clients. You can create the perfect diet plan that doesn’t interfere with their other treatments and protects you from accidentally putting their lives at risk.

Essential elements of a medical assessment form

While creating your medical assessment form, make sure that you include all these elements to equip yourself with all the necessary information:

  • Weight & Measurements: Your assessment form should include segments where your clients can add their weight and body measurements. These are the metrics on the basis of which you can evaluate the end result of your treatment. 
  • Blood Group: A person’s blood group is a piece of significant personal information when it comes to medical treatments. Under certain unfortunate circumstances, you might need to provide your clients with some medical assistance, and knowing their blood group can come in very handy. 
  • Chronic diseases: You need to be aware of any chronic or acute diseases that your client might be facing, like diabetes or eczema. You need to record the severity of their disease, its duration, and all the medications they are taking. This can exponentially help you while creating your treatment plan. 
  • Pregnancy & Menstrual history: For your female patients, you need to keep a record of their pregnancy and menstrual history. A lot of medical problems might be arising due to the irregularity of their menstruation. 
  • Dropbox to attach medical reports: In today’s age, where all medical assessment forms are digital, you need to provide a dropbox where your clients can attach their medical reports. This way, you can analyze them thoroughly and refer to them whenever required.

How to set up medical assessment forms with Zoconut

Understanding the Medical Assessment Form

In this process, we will see what's inside a client's medical assessment form.

  • Log into the zoconut profile
  • Go to the dieter section.
  • Select the client’s profile.

The medical assessment is the fulfillment of blood group, physical activity, weight loss, diseases, duration, severity, and other medical histories.

  • Suppose the client is going through some medical history, family medical history, medication, or menstrual history, any medication, menstrual history. In that case, we need to fill such things on the medical assessment.

Setting up the client's profile via the shareable form

In this section, we will look at how to set up a client's profile via the form. 

  • You will need to log into the zoconut profile and then go to the dieter section on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Select the Client name from the name menu. 
  • Select the form link bar present on the right side of the dashboard. 
  • You have four options: SMS, WHATSAPP, EMAIL, generate & copy.
  • Select any one method to send form links to the selected clients.  
  • Clients will receive a message link to fill in the basic information.

Setting up a client's profile via the e-Diet app

In this process, we will show you how clients can share their medical information via the e-diet app.

  • Open the e-diet application and then go to the Me section present on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Go to the My Profile section on the dashboard.                  
  • Select the medical history and fill in all the medical information asked. 
  • Fill the blood group, physical activity, medical history, medication, diseases, family history, and reports.

Creating a thorough and detailed medical assessment form can help you gather all the necessary information about your client that can be used to tailor their treatment better. Missing out on any essential element can create hiccups in your treatment and put your client’s life in danger.

With Zoconut, you can create detailed medical assessment forms that can help you extract all the necessary information from your clients and keep track of their development. You can also efficiently revise their medical assessment as their treatment progresses.

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