Essential elements of a lifestyle assessment form for new client intakes

When you are providing your clients with a nutritional and healthcare service, you are basically constructing a more refined lifestyle regime that will help them live healthier lives. So, in order to help them live a healthier life, you at least need to know their current lifestyle and assess what’s wrong with it.

To remedy this requirement, leading nutritionists around the world are creating their own lifestyle assessment form to get a closer glimpse into their onboarding client’s lifestyles.  

Importance of a lifestyle assessment form

Here are a few ways in which a lifestyle assessment form can enhance your practice and help you treat your clients more effectively:

  • As all the major healthcare problems are related to an unhealthy lifestyle, it can help you assess the root cause of your patient’s healthcare problems. You can analyze what they are doing wrong, or eating wrong, and help them inculcate a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Knowing each and every nitty-gritty of your client’s lifestyle can help you make a more comprehensive and detailed treatment plan that doesn’t hamper their free flow. You can seamlessly combine their daily routine with your treatment and make it easier to implement. 
  • Knowing your client’s food preferences and dislikes can help you create a treatment plan that is more appealing to them. And if your plan is appealing, your clients will be more compliant with it. 
  • If your treatment plan is appealing to your clients and if they can easily inculcate it in their lifestyle, you can get some ground-breaking results and improve the efficiency of your services.

Essential elements of a lifestyle assessment form 

While creating your lifestyle assessment form, make sure that you include all these elements to equip yourself with all the necessary information:

Veg/Non-veg preferences 

The first and foremost thing you need to record is your client’s dietary preferences. Whether or not do they eat meat or do they follow a vegan diet. This way you can determine the perfect protein and nutritional sources that you should add to their diet plan.


It is extremely important to record your client’s allergies. Adding elements in the diet plan that your client is allergic to can put their lives at risk and prove to be a big red mark for your practice. Furthermore, if your client realizes that they aren’t comfortable with a specific element of the diet and they omit it, it can also imbalance the nutritional stats and not provide the required effect.

Food likes & dislikes

Creating a diet plan which includes elements that your client likes can really impact their compliance. They will be more comfortable in following the diet plan and show expected results. Along with that, you should also have a dedicated segment in your form that records the frequency of how often they go out to eat.

Fasting days

Specifically for Indian clients, there are a lot of religions where people have fasting days. On these days, they can either have one proper meal a day or no meal at all. Hence, you need to include this element in your form to make the necessary arrangements for such days.

Alcohol & Smoking frequency

Smoking and alcohol consumptions make a big difference in a person’s lifestyle. While smoking is definitely detrimental to one’s health, one or two units of alcohol per day can help your clients deal with stress. Nonetheless, you should keep them regulated and stay informed of how frequently they indulge in them.

How to set up a lifestyle assessment form with Zoconut

Understanding the Food & Lifestyle assessment form

In this process, we will see what's inside a client's food and lifestyle assessment form.

  • Log into the zoconut profile
  • Go to the dieter section 
  • Select the client’s profile.

Food and lifestyle assessment asks about the food specifications, preferences, and eats out smoking and alcohol frequency.

  • Clients are also asked about their food likes and dislikes, fast days, food allergies, and preferred cuisine.
  • These food assessment forms are asked for creating a client's diet plan quickly.

Setting up the client's profile via the shareable form

In this section, we will look at how to set up a client's profile via the form. 

  • You will need to log into the zoconut profile and then go to the dieter section on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Select the Client name from the name menu.
  • Select the form link bar present on the right side of the dashboard. 
  • You have four options: SMS, WHATSAPP, EMAIL, generate & copy.
  • Select any one method to send form links to the selected clients.  
  • Clients will receive a message link to fill in the basic information.

Setting up a client's profile via the e-Diet app

In this process, we will show you how clients can share their medical information via the e-diet app.

  • Open the e-diet application and then go to the Me section present on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Go to the My Profile section on the dashboard.                  
  • Select the food specification from my profile section and fill in all the food details asked. 
  • Choose your diet preference and food preferences,
  • Select the eat-out frequency, smoking frequency, alcohol frequency.
  • Enter the food you love or hate.
  • Fill any allergies, your preferred cuisines, fast days, non-veg exempted days. 
  • Details will be automatically updated on the dietitians/practitioner’s profile section.

With the help of a comprehensive lifestyle assessment form, you can stay on top of your client’s food preferences, allergies, and other nitty-gritty that can help you create the most comfortable and compliant treatment plan. This can help you develop a more efficient and effective practice where your onboarding clients are assured an easy-to-follow treatment plan. 

And adding the extra dimension with the help of Zoconut’s excellent software can make it easier for you to implement it in your practice.

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