Email Template to get Client Testimonials for your nutrition counseling services

One of the most traditional forms of marketing is the word-of-mouth technique. People recommend a particular entity that has provided them with the best service to their peers. And in the digital market, testimonials perform a similar task. 

Testimonials are statements or reviews from your past and present customers, describing their experience of working with you. Lately, digital marketers around the world are understanding its importance and how it can be used to persuade potential clients.  

Why are client testimonials important? 

Social proof 

Testimonials are a part of a marketing strategy called ‘social proof’. Social proof is a socio-psychological phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others to emulate the objective response to a given situation. For years, marketers have been using it to win people’s trust and attract more clients. 

Helps you show your credibility 

Testimonials are basically happy and satisfactory experiences of your previous customers. They share their personal story and experience of how they felt your services were and how your treatment transformed their lives.  

By showing that to any potential client who is analysing your practice, you can make them feel more comfortable and confident to choose your practice. 

Shows the diversity of your practice 

It is also a great opportunity for you to show the varied kinds of people you have worked with and the different kinds of healthcare problems you have dealt with. It shows the range of your capabilities as a nutrition professional, which your prospective clients will majorly evaluate your practice on. 

Speeds up the purchasing process 

By strategically positioning your testimonials on website and social media handles, you can also speed up the purchasing process for potential clients. They can check out your services while getting first-hand feedback on how other people’s experiences have been with your practice. 

Elements of successfully getting testimonial through an email

Elements of successfully getting testimonial

Give them a reason to say yes 

While you want to grab your audience’s attention through the mail, it needs to provide some value to them. No matter who they are, it is safe to say that your target audience’s mailbox will be filled with messages at any given point in time. And if you want your mail to grab their attention, there needs to be some value proposition of it. 

You can give them some kind of a reward or benefit for sending you a testimonial. It could be a gift coupon or a special discount for future purchases. If you can afford to do that, you can also send a persuasive message that elicits how this can help both of you.  

Right timing 

Zoconut - Right timing

As digital marketers are slowly realizing, timing is an essential part of how effective your marketing strategy will be. If you want to grab your customer’s attention with the email, you need to send it at the right time, when they are most likely to check it out. 

Now, the timing at which you should send them an email also depends on the kind of interaction you are having with them. If it is just a review on a first meeting or appointment, you can immediately send it in the mail. However, if it’s a review for your treatment plan or methodology, you should give at least a month’s time for them to evaluate it. 

Keep it easy for them 

Another important thing that you need to remember while drafting your email is that you keep the submission easy and flexible for them. If they are comfortable with a recorded or written review, give them options so that they can choose the medium that is most convenient for them. 

You can also add buttons to your web page where your customers can send a review or fill out a form. 

Don’t make it sound robotic 

Your email shouldn’t seem like they were generated by a robot. Having a very formal tonality can make them seem auto-generated and impersonal. 

Try to inculcate a personal touch into the content of your email and make them seem conversational. Keep your texts concise and to the point. 

Furthermore, having a monotonous design of your email can also make it seem a little robotic. Hence, you should bring innovative designs and formats to each email that you send.

Customize each email 

Another discerning factor that sets testimonial email apart from other promotional emails is that you now have a personal connection with the recipient. 

As they have been a customer, naturally, you’ve known more about the theme and have a common theme for your conversations. And you should add that personal touch to your email. 

Create a customized text for each customer which can grab their attention and persuade them to open the email. And sometimes, customers just appreciate the efforts that you put in.

Customize each email

Email template to get client testimonials 

Overall testimonials 

For clients with whom you have a more personal relationship, you can take a casual approach which sets a more relaxed tone to the conversation. Here is an example for you: 

Hi [Name], 

Hope you are doing well since we last met. I could not be prouder of the growth you have shown throughout the treatment and hope we can keep working with this momentum. 

I would be absolutely thrilled if you could take out some time and give me feedback on how your experience has been with my practice. Your opinions and feelings are very valuable to maintaining this smooth sail, and I would be pleased to improve my services to cater your needs better. 

Here are a few questions that will help me get a better understanding of your experience: 

  1. Before working with me, how did you feel about your [healthcare problem]? 
  2. How have my services helped you with dealing with your [healthcare problem]? 
  3. What did you love the most about working with me? 
  4. Is there any way in which I can improve my practice?  

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out and keep up the good work! 

Post-sale testimonial 

While getting a review on your treatment methodology is the main reason why one asks for testimonials, post-sale testimonials are equally important. They reflect on how your client was persuaded during the conversion period and what made them choose you as their nutrition practitioner. Here is an example of how you can ask for a post-sale testimonial. 

Hi [Name], 

We are so glad that you have finally joined our family and taken your first step towards an enriched life. We hope that your journey at the [Name of your practice] stays positive and motivated so that we can solve your [Healthcare problem] as quickly as possible! 

I would be absolutely thrilled if you could take out some time and give me feedback on what made you choose [name of your practice] for your [healthcare problem]. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve our client onboarding process, we would be glad to receive your feedback and suggestions. 

Hope you have a lovely day! 


There is no better way to assure potential clients about the credibility of your services than testimonials. They are the most earnest and reliable opinions of your existing clients, whose views will be considered by your target audience. 

One of the best methods to ask for client testimonials is to send your clients an email. It is a convenient and professional medium of communication and allows you to deliver messages in bulk. 

To help you make your email testimonial requests more effective and successful, we have provided you some hamdy templates to use. 

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