Zoconut Affiliate Program

Zoconut is a powerful Nutrition Business Management platform that is used by Businesses across the world to sell their services online. Help your Clients grow their Business with Zoconut!

20% Recurring Commission On Every Sale

Zoconut is offering upto 20% Monthly Payable Commissions which shall Compound over time as the referred customer chooses a longer duration subscription pack and/or has additions to their Software Package.

High, Recurring and Compounding Commissions to Affiliates

Our Aim here is to reduce the duration of our Sales Cycle when it comes to New Clients. Usually it takes around 1 - 2 Weeks for us to convert a fresh lead into a paying customer and we want to reduce this to 1 - 2 Days, which is why we are offering High, Recurring and Compounding Commissions to our Affiliates as we believe they can help us reduce our Sales Cycle Duration by using their Influence and generate Warm Convertible Leads ( WCL ) from their existing network of Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Dieticians etc.

Eligibility for Affiliate program

No, not everyone is eligible for the Affiliate Program. Eligibility depends on the kind and the number of leads you will be able to provide as an affiliate. Minimum Standards include being able to generate at least 5 Warm Convertible Leads per month or Minimum Revenue worth Rs 75,000 + GST per month. In case you are not able to provide the minimum required number Warm Convertible Leads / Minimum Revenue, you will be rewarded with Free Month Subscription to both you and your client, instead of any Commissions.

Recommend Affiliate

Biz Coaches

Are you a consultant helping your clients set-up their business online? Help your clients set-up their clinic and sell services online.


Monetize your blog by adding Zoconut banners and affiliate links to your posts. Download Zoconut Brand Assets from the link below.


If you are looking to integrate a management software, look no further! Advise your client to use Zoconut.

Content Creators

Make a video tutorial, write a blog post, review our platform, or show us how you use Zoconut. Earn dollars for every content.

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